Snapchat’s Latest Object-Recognition Tech Now Lets Filters Identify Food, Pets

snapchat object-recognition filter identifies food, pets

Snapchat, with its redesign on the horizon, is releasing new filters that can identify the content of your snaps to offer graphics that are contextually aware. Last week, the platform started effecting this latest change — which resides within the carousel of its filters — on the profiles of users. With the feature, you can trigger these filters by capturing videos as well as photos of select items (like pets, food and sports gadgets), in addition to objects at places like beaches and concerts.

snapchat object-recognition filter identifies food, pets
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Comparison with Geofilters

More than one year ago, Snapchat introduced a location-based geofilters feature that allows users do theme editing, placing and designs from the on-demand site prior to buying them. This latest update has been compared with geofilters; however, unlike the latter feature, these new filters employ object-recognition technology. The patent for this technology was issued to Snap, the firm that created Snapchat, mid-July last year.

How Snapchat’s Object-Recognition Works

Snapchat employs object recognition for the identification of what is the photos of a user and provide them with relevant filters; for example, if you snap a photo of pizza, the platform will give filters as a suggestion to you, which are described with slogans such as ‘what diet?’ and ‘get in my belly’. Here’s how you can test the new update: Just take a picture of relevant images you have seen on the internet. The filters can be seen in Snapchat’s normal carousel, which you can use by swiping the app left as well as right. Just like the regular filters of Snapchat, brands will definitely employ graphics for cranking out adverts for their products.

About Snapchat


It is a mobile app for exchanging multimedia messages, containing pictures, audios and videos, with other users online. The platform, which was developed by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy (ex-colleagues at Stanford University in the United States), is a product of Snap Inc. With a user base of 173 million, Snapchat has been operational for the past 6 years.


The latest update of Snapchat uses object-recognition technology for identifying the content of pictures of users, with a view to offering the ideal filters to them. Snap uses augmented reality (AR) and object-recognition tech in few of its features. With the innovations becoming more accurate and faster, the firm will aim to use the features for ads as well as generation of revenue.

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