Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Flip, Its New Foldable Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip — a new foldable device — at its Unpacked press event, which held on Tuesday in San Francisco.

The 6.7-inch mobile device folds into a square that is around half its size, featuring a small rectangular display on its front cover, which works for notifications. This handset will be available in 3 colour options (gold, purple, and black).

Galaxy Z Flip colours

However, only the first and last colours will be initially sold when it is released Friday, February 14, in some stores as well as on the Internet.

The world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer also launched a limited edition of the flip phone in collaboration with New York-based fashion outfit Thom Browne, and the device features the signature of the firm — a red-white-and-blue stripe on a grey exterior.

While unveiling the handset, Samsung’s head of UK mobile marketing, Rebecca Hirst, stated: “This is no ordinary smartphone. It changes everything.”

The Galaxy Z Flip will come at a whopping cost of $1,380, which places it at the higher end of the manufacturer’s latest S20 series.

This lineup will be shipped in 3 versions. There is the 6.2-inch S20 that starts at $999.99, the 6.7-inch S20+ that starts at $1199.99, in addition to the 6.9-inch S20 Ultra that starts at $1399.99.

The Galaxy Z Flip, however, will come cheaper than its closest rival — Motorola’s rejiggered smartphone variant of its incredibly successful Razr flip smartphone, which goes for $1,500.

Further, though the Samsung flip phone’s cam setup is not as robust as that on the S20 handsets, it gets 3 lenses, with two positioned at the rear and one in the front, and they can capture wide & ultra-wide shots.

The Galaxy Z Flip represents the second folding smartphone from Samsung, and the maker will be looking to avoid the issues that cropped up with the first device. The release of the $1,980 Galaxy Fold got delayed by many months in the wake of a number of early reviewers in April flagging the device, citing reasons like constantly flickering of the folding screen. Also, they stated that the folding screen broke too easily. The handset eventually got launched last fall.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip purple colour front

The Galaxy Z Flip, unlike the Galaxy Fold that folded outward vertically similar to butterfly wings, never showed such a flaw, thus behaving like its name suggests and adopting the clamshell design, which is usually seen in more traditional flip smartphones.

Samsung has pledged its “ultra-thin” folding glass display will not break as easily this time.

According to Hirst, “this glass is built to last.”

The maker first teased the Galaxy Z Flip handset in an advert during the Oscars 48 hours prior to the “Unpacked” event 2020.

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