You Can Now Report Traffic Incidents with Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps for iOS traffic alerts

Google Maps is a lifesaver, there are times when I don’t know places and I just enter them on Google Maps to get to where I’m going. One of the features of the app which has been available on Android has now been made available on iOS with the latest update. iOS users will now be able to report live traffic incidents such as crashes, congestions and speedtrap directly from their map in real time.

The incidents that can be reported in Google Maps for iOS are:

  • Crash
  • Speedtrap
  • Slowdown
  • Construction
  • Lane closures
  • Disabled vehicles
  • Objects or debris on the road

How to Submit Traffic Alerts on Google Maps for iOS

  • Update your Google Maps to the latest on the App Store.
  • Open the updated Google Maps
  • During navigation, tap the “+” button see traffic report menu.
  • Select the traffic alert you want to report and submit.

Waze owned by Google allows this feature, those who prefer Waze over Google Maps will still have the functionality. For people in the United States who prefer Apple Maps, it is still some ways behind Google Maps in accuracy.


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