Google Maps Gets a New Icon and Features to Celebrate 15th Anniversary

Google Maps new icon

Google Maps is a lifesaver. Countless times I’ve been able to locate places I do not know or I’ve never been to with the help of the map app. Google Maps turns 15 today and with over 1 billion users since it was introduced in 2005.

As part of the 15th-anniversary celebration, Google is introducing a new icon and adding some new features thanks to feedback it has been gathering from users over the years. The iconic maps icon you see on your phone has now been replaced with a new one and the app has also been improved.

New Features on Google Maps

Google has added a new “Updates” and “Contribute” tabs to the app and the “For You” tab has now been replaced with a new “Saved” tab. The Contribute tab enables users share information about their localities such as roads, addresses, missing places, business reviews and photos. This information helps other users learn about these places and help improve decisions when using the app.

Google Maps new tabs

The Updates tab provides trending information, i.e. must-see spots, local experts and publishers. You will also be able to chat with local business and get answers to your questions.

According to Google, over 6.5 billion places have been saved on Google Maps, the Saved tab houses all these databases of stored places. This will also help users plan trips well and share recommendations on places visited.

There are other new features Google is adding but they won’t arrive until March. A new update brings increased crowdsource information for public transfer which enables users submit information such as temperature, special accessibility, or if there is onboard security or a women-only section.

Live View on Google Maps

The other coming update to Google Maps is augmented-reality Live View feature. This is lightweight and will allow users “quickly see how far away and in which direction a place is.”


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