New PS5 Beta Adds Support for Dolby Atmos and Up to 8TB of M.2 SSD Storage


Sony’s latest PS5 beta software update comes with a host of new features, including updates to accessibility, Dolby Atmos support for compatible devices, up to 8TB of M.2 SSD expansion, and UI improvements. The beta update is rolling out to invited participants and selected countries before a global release later this year.

Starting with the new accessibility features, players can now assign a second controller in the same account to another player (assist controller). The second player can assist the leading player during gameplay as if only one controller is used.

Second controller assistance - PS5
Sony – Second controller assistance PS5

Players can now use haptic feedback effects when navigating the system UI on the PS5. The effect works with the DualSense controller, DualSense Edge controller, and the PS VR2 Sense controller. Players can turn on haptics when reaching the end of the limit of a scrollable section, checking a box, when a game is started or when a notification is received.

Perhaps the biggest update is the support for Dolby Atmos. This update is made possible by Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, which will produce 3D Audio with compatible HDMI devices such as soundbars, TVs, or home theatre systems. This will work with PS5 games and supported media apps that provide the update on the console. “Tempest 3D AudioTech specifically renders to the Dolby Atmos audio devices in use – including overhead channels – allowing for even greater levels of immersion in the audioscapes of PS5 games,” Sony says in a PlayStation blog post.

Dolby Atmos Support PS5
Sony – Dolby Atmos PS5

Another major update the beta adds is expansion support for up to 8TB of M.2 SSDs. Previously, the maximum expansion was 4TB. There are also enhancements to Game Help, Game Hub and Party. Players can also mute the PS5 beep sound when turning the console off, on, or in rest mode.

If you want to try out new beta updates before it is rolled out globally, you can sign up here.

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