The PlayStation 5 will Have Exclusive Games at Launch

PS5 logo - PlayStation 5

Much has not been revealed about Sony’s next-generation console so far but we know it’s coming holiday 2020 and its logo has officially been confirmed. In what could be a marketing edge for Sony, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier revealed on his Splitscreen podcast about knowing some of the PS5 exclusive games at launch.

It has been confirmed by Microsoft Studios Head Booty the Xbox Series X will not be coming with exclusive titles at launch; this could be what gives Sony an age when both consoles are finally released. In Kotaku podcast, Schreirer also confirmed multi-platform games scaling across generations and different SKUs.

From what we learn so far, PS5 launch titles are most not likely to be playable on the PS4 as this is a key strategy by Sony to speed up sales for its new console. On the other hand, Microsoft looks set to retain players with its Xbox Play Anywhere strategy and also on its older consoles.

Godfall has been confirmed as the first game coming to the PlayStation 5. More information about the PlayStation 5 is expected to be revealed in the coming months.

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