PlayStation 4 Sales Goes Down Due to Sony Revealing Details About the PS5

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The PS5 is being worked upon and Sony already revealed its specifications and also showed demos of its fast load time. Even though Sony has not named its “next-generation console’‘ already as the PS5, people already know it’s going to be the successor to the PS4. Due to this, Sony has announced the sale of PS4 has felled slightly below expectation.

Earlier this week, Sony revealed the PS4 has shipped a phenomenal 100 million units till date worldwide but in April – June quarter, the projected sales were not achieved. 3.2 million units of PS4 console units were shipped, slightly below what Sony expected. According to Sony, prices went down because people are expecting the PS5.

PS4 Sales Worldwide

It is expected that sales would drop when a successor to a current gadget is revealed, this is what happened to the PS4. Normally people would hold back and would rather put money on the upcoming new device. A tactics companies normally employ is putting a price drop on the current product to drive sales, it is not yet clear if Sony will apply this to the PS4.

Sony says it has “revised downward” projections for the PS4 sales during the current fiscal year ending March 2020. Sony now expects to ship 15 million PS4 units rather than its initial 16 million units worldwide.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to launch late 2020 around the same time when Microsoft’s next Xbox, named Project Scarlett will also be released.

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