Netflix Introduces Top 10 List to Help You See What People are Watching the Most


Netflix is introducing a top 10 list which will allow its subscribers see what people are watching the most. This is not to be confused with the existing “Trending Now” and “Popular” taps which are exiting on the streaming platform.

This new feature comes with its own design and this list is updated daily. This will allow a subscriber see what’s popular on Netflix in its own country. The position of the top 10 list row will vary “depending on how relevant the shows and films are to you,” Netflix says.

Netflix top 10 list sample

This feature has been in the works since 2019 and it began experimenting the top 10 list in UK and Mexico. The list will not only contain Netflix Originals but it will also contain licensed titles according to The Verge. Netflix normally put out this kind of list at the end of every year but this top 10 daily list will help know what’s popular amongst people.

Not only will users be able to see the overall top 10 list, users will also be able to see the top 10 when browsing the movies and TV shows tab. This is also applicable to when users are searching for particular movies and shows or checking through their personal list. Every movie or TV show that makes it to this list will have a special “Top 10” badge.

netflix top 10 badge

This feature is available on Netflix starting today and it will appear as shown in the images above.


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