Facebook News Feed Not Loading? See How to Fix

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Is your Facebook News Feed not loading? If this is happening to you, you cannot enjoy the social media platform and you need to fix it. Facebook News Feed is where everything happens, this the place where you see updates from the people that matters to you.

How Facebook News Feed Works?

Facebook has changed how its News Feed works, before you see updates based on chronological order. Now Facebook uses a different algorithm to prioritize what you see.

Facebook wants to show you contents from those you interact with the most, updates from your family, friends, businesses and public figures. Facebook will also prioritize posts that have the most engagements.

The algorithm is a computer system and may get it wrong sometimes, this means you are not seeing what you really want to see. If you are having this problem where your Facebook News Feed is not loading, we will outline how to fix that.

Fix Facebook News Feed Not Loading?

There are many things that could cause this, let’s take a look at it one by one.

Internet Connection

You may not know this but Facebook is one of the apps that consumes the most internet data on your phone. If you are using the regular Facebook app and not the lite version, you need a strong internet. If your internet is slow, you may have problems accessing the News Feed properly.

Facebook Might Be Down

It happens very well; the servers of social media platforms get overwhelmed and the site goes down. This has happened on Facebook and Twitter a couple of times and there is nothing you can do about it. This normally does not take long; you just have to wait for some minutes and Facebook will be up and running again. To be sure this has happened, you can ask your friends of their Facebook is loading. If others cannot access Facebook also at that time, the servers are down.

Customize Your News Feed

Your News Feed could actually be loading but you are not getting the content you want. You have the power to choose whatever comes up on the screen when you open your Facebook account.

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If you want to stop seeing a post from a particular page, tap on the hamburger menu icon to see available options. This will give you more control over your News Feed.

Edit News Feed Preferences

If you are tired of seeing the same set of posts and stories on your News Feed, it is time to adjust your preferences. You may think there is a problem with your Facebook News Feed not loading but it is actually working fine.

Edit News Feed

Log-in to your Facebook page. At the top-left corner of the screen just below your name, you will see News Feed. Click on the menu icon and select “Edit Preferences”. Click on “Prioritize who to see first”, this brings out your friends and pages. Select your preferences as much as possible and tap on “Done”.

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Once you are done, refresh your page and you will be seeing updates based on your newly set preference.

Clear Cache and Data

Your phone may have accumulated too much Facebook cache and app data causing it not to function properly. Open Settings on your phone, go to your installed apps and look for Facebook. Scroll down, clear cache and data. Restart the Facebook app and you are good to go.

Smartphone RAM Issue

Not everyone will be able to afford a high-end smartphone. The regular Facebook app is heavy and RAM intensive, if your phone’s RAM is low your Facebook app will be hanging. If your phone is hanging, this may cause problem with the loading of your Facebook News Feed.

Close all apps and launch Facebook only for a smooth experience. If your phone is still hanging after this, it is time to download Facebook Lite. Download for Android and iOS.

Force Most Recent

If after you’ve done all these and you still do not like what you are seeing on your News Feed, it is time to force Most Recent.

On the web version, tap on the News Feed menu beneath your name. Now tap on “Most Recent”.  Facebook will show you updates from the latest.

Most Recent News Feed Facebook

On the mobile app, tap on the menu hamburger icon and then scroll down for “See More”. From the list, you will see “Most Recent”, tap on it.

facebook news feed not loading

Wrapping Up

Social media takes a lot of our time, be careful how long you stay on it daily as it is very addictive. We hope you’ve been able to fix Facebook news feed not loading problems with the steps above.


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