10 Important Checklist Before Moving Offices

checklist before moving offices

Companies move office spaces for many reasons. Most of the time, relocation is done in order to move to a bigger space. Moving to a bigger space means a better working environment and improved work satisfaction.

Any form of relocation always takes a lot of effort and hard work; office spaces are not left behind. If your company does not have the manpower to do this, it is advised you employ the services of professional movers. In this post, we outline the important checklist before moving offices.

Map Out a Timeline

You cannot just move without proper planning; you must have checked your calendar to know what exact date to move. If your office space is on a lease, it only makes sense you clear all outstanding bills and communicate to the owners about your relocation.

It is very important you communicate to all staffs and important stakeholders about your relocation.

Declutter Your Current Office Space

When you are moving, you don’t want to take with you unnecessary items to the new office space. Throw away what needs to be thrown away and recycle the ones needed to be recycled.

Check out the New Space

This is a very important checklist before moving office spaces. Visiting the office space lets you see what’s on-ground and which area needs to be worked upon. You can also start planning a layout of how your new office will be arranged.

Prepare an Inventory

Now that you’ve discarded unnecessary items and you’ve checked out the office space, you need to prepare an inventory of what’s left and take proper records. Take record of all assets, backup what needs to be backed up and keep hard copies of important documents.

Update Required Company Information

You want to update your company’s website, business card, billboards, etc with the address of the new office you are moving into. All important stakeholders should also be sent the new address.

Get Ready the New Office Space

Before finally moving to your new space, you want to make the process a smooth one. Inform everyone who needs to be informed, call an electrician, fix the pipes, and get ready the necessary utilities.

Hire the Services of Professional Office Movers

It is always good to work with professionals. Enlisting the services of professionally trained movers – https://www.mybekins.com/commercial-movers/phoenix/ makes the process smooth for you. This gives you the time to focus on other times while the professionals work hard to get your business up and running in no time.

Make Clear Office Layout

This is another important checklist before moving offices. You’ve hired the professionals but you still have your own ideas as to your office layout. If you have a printed layout, you can give the professional office movers a hard copy. You can also make the process smooth by placing stickers inside the spaces so they know the appropriate place to move things.

Provide Security

It is always good having a security guard in place. In the process of moving, sensitive materials will be moved around. You want to make important files do not fall into the wrong hands. The security should also have been notified on who should be authorized to enter the building.

Communicate Resumption Time

Now that moving has been completed, you need to communicate the resumption time to everyone who needs to know.

Wrapping Up

Relocating is never easy. When moving offices, employing the services of professional movers will do you a huge favour.


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