Netflix Finally Debuts its Shuffle Play Feature

netflix play something

Netflix today began rolling out its “Play Something” feature, a feature it began testing last year under the “Shuffle Play” name. Given the endless number of shows and movies on Netflix, it becomes difficult sometimes for users to settle down on a particular one to watch. Netflix wants to solve that problem by letting you shuffle play.

The Play Something button will appear underneath your name when you log on to Netflix. You can also see it as a row on the homepage or in the menu. The new feature is designed to work based on your movie/series interest and will not just recommend something you do not like.

When you click the Play Something button, Netflix either shows you a new/series similar to the one you have watched before, an episode/movie you have already watched and you would like to see again after a long while or an episode from a series you started but didn’t finish. If you don’t like what’s shown to you, you can shuffle to the next series/film by pressing the Play Something button yet again.

Netflix wants you to spend more time on its platform and worry less about thinking about whatever movie or tv show to watch.

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