Netflix Begin Testing “Shuffle Play” Button to Help You Decide on What to Watch


Netflix has a large catalogue of shows and movies it could be so hard deciding on what to watch. The company is now testing a “Shuffle Play” button which appears on the home screen, beneath a user profile icon, so something begins playing randomly for you. As discovered by TechCrunch, the movie or show that plays are decided based on your interest as a result of your viewing history or the titles you have saved on your list.

The “Shuffle Play” button so far has been seen only on the Netflix TV app and users have been reacting to it differently. Some find it cool and some are indifferent to the feature.

“The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,” a Netflix Spokesperson disclosed to Variety. Netflix intends to productize the feature and make it a permanent feature across its app on different platforms based on the feedback it gathers from the test.

There are has been different variations of the shuffle option. Apart from the button found beneath the user icon on the home screen, there is a “Play Something” button on the TV menu sidebar, and there is also another one in the “billboard” area on the home screen referred to as the “profile gate”.

Netflix began the test in July to users worldwide and it’s only on TV devices so far.


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