MediaTek Announces Helio G80 Chipset for Mid-range Devices


MediaTek has announced its latest gaming chipset, the Helio G80 and it is targeted at mid-range devices. It comes in between the G70 announced in January for entry-level devices and the G90 announced last year which is the flagship of the gaming chipsets. The G90 was popular and Xiaomi adopted it for its Note 8 Pro.

The Helio G80 comes with an octa-core processor with 2x Cortex-75 cores at a 2.0GJz speed. It is built on a 12nm node and has another 6x Cortex A-55 cores which runs at a 1.8GHz speed. This set up is similar to what’s found in the G70 but has higher speed, of course.

The G80 comes with a 950MHz CPU while the G70 is slightly lower at 820MHz, they, however, share the same Mali-G52 GPU. The G80 is a gaming chipset and features MediaTek’s HyperEngine Game technology which is also found on the G90 for a smooth gaming experience. The chipset also comes with the inbuilt voice on wakeup feature which optimizes power consumption when using the AI feature.

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The gaming chipsets are expected to debut in India on mid-range and entry-level devices. It will also get to the global market later in the year.


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