iPadOS 14 Brings Redesigned Apps and New Handwriting Features with Apple Pencil

iPadOS 14

Apple unveiled iPadOS 14 at its WWDC Special Event Keynote, iPadOS 14 brings new features to the iPad with a new compact design for FaceTime and phone calls, Siri interactions and a universal Search for better productivity. There is an update to the Apple Pencil and there is Scribble which makes handwriting on the iPad more powerful.

With Apple’s compact design for the iPadOS 14, incoming FaceTime and phone calls will no longer take the entire screen, they will appear in a little banner at the top of the screen so you can perform other tasks. When Siri is activated, it will appear at the bottom of the screen and it won’t interfere with other apps.

iPadOS 14 FaceTime

Search on the iPad has been redesigned completely to help you locate whatever you are looking for. Search can be initiated from anytime even when you have an app running, you can search for files, contacts, messages and many more without having to close the current app on your screen. This also extends to web searches to give you results with a single tap.

iPadOS 14 Search

iPadOS 14 brings redesigned sidebar for many apps which includes Notes, Calendar, Photos, Files and Apple Music. Users now get more control over apps and can easily navigate within apps while focusing on the content on the screen.

One of the biggest changes yet comes to the Apple Pencil. iPadOS 14 introduces Scribble which automatically converts handwritten notes to a typed text. All conversion takes place on the iPad ensuring security and privacy. There is a new Smart Selection tool which uses on-device machine learning to recognize handwritten texts apart from drawings. This allows users to easily select, cut and paste handwritten texts into typed text in another document.

Apple has also added Data Detector for handwritten texts, you can easily save new phone numbers, make calls, save addresses and lots more. For now, Scribble will support English and Simplified Chinese languages. This can be mixed together when taking handwritten notes without having to switch between them.

Basically, most of the changes that came to iOS 14 have been readapted for iPadOS 14 as well.

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