Facebook Introduces Message Reactions and Mentions on Its Messenger App

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Facebook has announced its introducing reactions and mentions to its Messenger app. We shall be showing you how to react to messages on messenger as well as making mention. The feature which is available on the Facebook app itself is now available to use on the IM app. Messenger by Facebook is the official chat app by the community which allows group of people or individuals to communicate with one another.

How to React to Messages on Messenger

The Messenger reaction works just like reactions on Facebook itself, however, there is an added feature – a thumbs down and thumbs up button. The thumbs up and thumbs down button is also called Yes/No with the No serving as a dislike feature, a feature which users have been clamoring for Facebook to bring to the website/app itself.

Reactions give individuals an ability to express their feelings on a particular chat message with the use of emojis. The reaction emojis available on the Facebook app are: Love, Smile, Wow, Sad, Angry, Yes and No emojis.

  • While chatting with an individual or in a group, press and hold on any message you want to react to, tap and choose from the list of emojis shown.
  • Reactions by people to your own message can be seen on the lower corner of the message. This will show the emojis selected by people and the list of people who has reacted.
  • When a message is reacted to, a small animation appears beneath the message when reading it. If the messenger app is not opened at that time, a notification appears on the screen indicating a reaction has been made.
how to react to messages on messenger
Credit: Facebook Newsroom

That is how to react to messages on Messenger. As said earlier, reactions work in group chats as well.

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How to Use Mentions on Messenger

Those who use Twitter very well will know what a Mention is. When you mention someone, you are sending them a direct notification on a particular subject. Mentions are best used in group chats.

  • While chatting on Messenger, press the @ symbol followed by the first or two letters of the person’s name you want to mention.
  • Select the name from the drop-down list.
  • Mentioned names becomes highlighted in blue in group chats.
  • The mentioned person gets a special notification on their home screen if the app is not opened at that particular time.
how to mention on messenger
Credit: Facebook Newsroom

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The new update for reactions and mentions is being rolled out globally at the moment and will get to everyone in the next few days.

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  1. What do you do if you don’t get a notification of a mention or reaction? I don’t get that on my computer or phone and I can’t find a setting anywhere that would prevent that. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled messenger on my phone.

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