How to Increase Engagement on Facebook Business Page

how to increase engagement on Facebook business page

Facebook is one of the biggest marketing tools online and brands are leveraging on that. A lot of marketing activities is carried out on Facebook daily and these have the potential to reach millions of people. Knowing how to increase engagement on Facebook business page or pages could give your business the positive turnaround it needs.

how to increase engagement on Facebook business page

A lot of brands are doing this the right way such that people are so interested in whatever comes out of their pages daily, this is proven by the number of comments, likes and shares their posts gets which in turn yield results by driving sales online or offline. Some brands too are using Facebook pages the wrong way – they have zero to little engagements. Listed below are ways to get more engagements on Facebook pages.

How to Increase Engagement on Facebook Business Page

Hold a contest on your product

For you to have a business page on Facebook you are definitely trying to sell a product one way or the other. One of the ways to get engagements on your page is by holding innovative contests, it could be a caption contest or something. Make a creative involving your product and post on your page, tell people to come with fun and thoughtful captions. Reward the best captions with a giveaway.

Like and Follow other Facebook Pages

You could get ideas to improve your own business page on Facebook by following other brands who do it better. Like other pages, monitor and see what’s been working for them and see if it could work for you as well.

Do ‘Fill in the blank’

Get your designer to come up with captivating Fill in the blank creatives. Let the creatives be designed in such a way that it includes a blank space with a missing piece or word. Tell people to drop answers as comments.

Ask for ideas on Your Products

You may think you know it all but suggestions are always valuable. Go to your page and ask ideas, engage people – ask for their opinion. Out of all the comments you will definitely pickup one or two things to serve them better.

Share Interesting Facts – ‘Did You Know’

If you do not have a graphic artist for your Facebook page you need to get one. Get your designer to come up with captivating creatives containing interesting facts – facts like Did You Know. Post creatives with fun facts, things people would like to know. You could make a quiz and ask questions as well.

Give Away freebies

Believe me, everyone loves freebies. Giving away freebies on your Facebook page is one of the ways to engage people more. When people know you give out freebies, they are always glued to your page just in case something pops us any time.

Conduct polls

Facebook pages is just much more than just a page, a lot can be incorporated into pages. E-commerce websites sometimes have a Facebook page app which allows people to buy on the page directly without having to visit the website separately. A poll section can be incorporated in Facebook pages as well. Conduct polls, ask people to vote and share results later.

Ask questions

Ask questions on your Facebook pages and let people post their answers as comments. Asking question is one of the ways you can increase engagement on your page.

There you go! Knowing how to increase engagement on Facebook business page will drive your business forward and increase your product sales as well. You need to be careful when executing these plans. The best way to go about this is to have a proper calendar based on the suggestions above, this way you know what to post at the right time. If you do not have a Facebook page yet, see how to create a page and run ads on it here.

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