Rumours Say Google is Working on Pixel Smartwatches

Since the inception of smart wristwatches, the craze to own one has been on a consistent rise. Biggest mobile device producer in the world, Apple produced the Apple watch which features the company’s mobile OS, iOS. In the same vein, Android’s biggest manufacturer, Samsung has floated the Samsung Gear watches. It operates on the Wear OS (previously known as Android Wear). Many other smartwatches have been manufactured and they are being used all over the world. These watches can be connected via mobile phones or they can as well act as a standalone.

Tech giant, Google, which is famed for its Android OS has hit the phone market in recent years with its flagship devices; the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Reports say a new move is a place which could see Google release about three Pixel smartwatches before the end of the year. This was reported by popular source for leaks, Evan Blass and top German tech blog, Winfuture. Although Google has not released any official statement to this effect, inside sources have it rumoured that the devices might future the soon to be released wearable-dedicated chipset. This chipset is being designed by Qualcomm in association with Google.

These wristwatches shall be designed in such a way that it has designs unconventional to the major smart wristwatches been used all over the world. The Pixel shall be much slimmer than any other. Therefore, it can be worn by anybody in spite of how big or small the wrists are. Also, the wristwatches shall sport impressive battery life as any wristwatch should have. This long-lasting battery life is a welcome development. In the same vein, it shall sport features like Wear OS, Wi-Fi to connect to wireless connections, LTE, GPS to track and locate places and a heart-rate scanner to record the heart rate of humans.

The introduction of the Pixel SmartWatchs is going to be exciting. Since the release of smartwatches, it has been a herculean task for any Wear OS-powered device to keep up with the pace of the Apple Watch. The latter has been undoubtedly the most popular smartwatch. Therefore, as the creator of the Wear OS, it is expected that the rumoured Pixel watch shall prove a worthy rival for the Apple watch and end years of near-monopoly by the Apple product.  This can also be an eye-opener to other smartwatch makers and up their game.


Apart from these wristwatches, it is reported that Google is going to release new Pixel earbuds nicknamed the Pixel Buds 2. Therefore, it is going to be a bumper release alongside the Pixel smartwatches (maybe?) and the all-new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones. The original Pixel Buds sported great battery performance and we expect that the Pixel Buds 2 won’t be different. Also, it is expected to improve upon the flaws of its predecessor which included the below-par Google Assistant integration, no noise blocking feature and flawed touch controls.


No picture of the Pixel smartwatches has been released yet so it is impossible to tell how it looks like at the moment but judging by antecedence, one or more of the watches might focus on beauty and elegance while the other might focus on performance. One of them might actually have a fusion of beauty and performance.

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