Google Confirms September 30th Launch for Pixel 5, Chromecast and Smart Speaker

pixel 5 teaser

The Pixel 5 will be launched officially on September 30th in an online event, Google has confirmed. Other devices expected to be unveiled includes a new Chromecast and a smart speaker.

The event is scheduled to start 11AM PT on Wednesday, September 30 and it will be broadcasted live on the official Google channels. In July during the announcement of the Pixel 4A, Google teased the Pixel 5 and also a 5G version of the Pixel 4A. Both devices are expected to be announced during the “Launch Night” event invitation by Google to the press.

The Chromecast has been around for a long time but Google is expected to update the lineup along with a new smart speaker which will likely be the Nest smart speaker. Apart from that, Google may also unveil a new thermostat model after the hardware was seen at the FCC a week ago.

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