Google Builds Support for Digital COVID Vaccine Cards into Android Devices

Digital COVID Vaccine cards

Google has opened up the Android Passes API that will enable Android devices to store and access COVID vaccination and test cards in a simple and secure way. For the feature to work, Google needs developers from healthcare organizations, government agencies and authorized public health authorities to create a digital version of the COVID vaccination card using the API. The feature is initially rolling out in the US and it will get to other countries later.

A regular COVID vaccination card shows the type of vaccine taken, the date it was taken and the name of the person it was administered to. This is what Google is aiming to achieve with the digital version. The digital card can be saved from a healthcare provider’s website, app, emails or texts received concerning the vaccination.

Google says it will be accessible via a shortcut on the home screen of the Android device even when it has a poor or no internet connection. For an Android device to be eligible, it must run Android 5 or later. The user does not have to install the Google Pay app. Google says the stored digital vaccination card is only saved on each device and is not available on the cloud which means it does not retain a copy of the information provided.

To store the digital COVID vaccine card, a user must have a lock screen on the Android device. To access the card, a user will have to enter their password, PIN or biometric method.

Image: Google

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