What Is the Fastest App for Gift Card Trading in Nigeria?

gift card trading in nigeria

Gift Cards are a great way of making in-store and online transactions without cash or using bank cards. They are also a thoughtful way to gift friends, family and employees to enable them to redeem the gift of their choice from the stores.

Gift Card trading has become a lucrative business in Nigeria for the past decade. The fact that many Nigerians get free Gift Cards from families and friends but don’t end up using them to redeem gifts in stores is a great concern that prompted Gift Card trading in Nigeria.

The Gift Card trading market can be a very complicated one if you don’t know your way around it. There are many online apps where you can sell Gift Cards in Nigeria, but the question should be, “How fast and reliable is this app?”. I’m sure no trader would like to transact on an app that takes ages to process and make payments, not to talk of the ones that never pay.

In this article, we will talk about the fastest Gift Card trading app in Nigeria and how to sell Gift Card in Nigeria using the app.

The Fastest Gift Card Trading App in Nigeria

The frustration that comes with trading Gift Cards on sluggish apps is unimaginable. Therefore, the first thing to consider before embarking on any trade is the reliability and speed of the platform.

From all evidence gathered, the fastest Gift Card trading app is the Prestmit app. Aside from the fact that Prestmit is known for immediate payments, some more interesting facts about this app are listed in this article.

Prestmit is an online app that offers users a seamless way to exchange Gift Cards for cash and crypto. Users of the Prestmit app can instantly sell their Gift Cards on the app and get paid in Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin and USDT.

Prestmit has garnered over 100,000 users since its launch in 2020, and it is currently the most used and best trading app in Africa.

Aside from the speed of the Prestmit platform, the platform has a great user interface, amazing gift card rates, an impregnable security system, a great customer support system and multiple payment options.

Trading on the Prestmit app is not only fast but also very simple to do. Below are a few steps on how you can instantly sell your Gift Cards on Prestmit and get paid in Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin or USDT.

How to Sell Gift Cards on Prestmit

Given that the Prestmit app has a very user-friendly interface which is very easy to navigate, it is very easy for even a child to transact on the app. However, the steps below will guide how to successfully sell Gift Cards at the highest resale value on Prestmit.

  1. Download the app on the Google  Play Store or Apple Store and sign up.
  2. Click on “Sell Gift Cards”
  3. Select the payment method: There are four payment methods available on the app; you can choose any of Naira, Cedis, USDT and Bitcoin.
  4. Select “Gift Card Category” and choose the category of the Gift Card you want to exchange. For example, Steam Gift Card.
  5. Select “Gift Card Type” and choose the exact type of that Gift Card category. For example, USA Steam physical (100-200) means Steam physical card between $100-$200.
  6. Select “Amount” and type in the exact amount of the Gift Card you want to trade. Example: $500
  7. Upload the Gift Card image to the box provided for image upload if you are trading the physical Gift Card but type in the codes in the comment section provided if you have it in digital format.

In the comment section, enter the “Bitcoin Address” if you want your payment in BTC, also add any further comments you want to make.

Finally, click “APPLY” and your payment will be made instantly.


If you’ve been worried and scared of exchanging your Gift Card on online platforms, you should try the Prestmit app once and verify the ingenuity of the online trading app.

The path to your blissful Gift Card trading experience is on Prestmit. There’s no better app that can offer the level of all-around customer satisfaction like the Prestmit app.

It’s very easy to get started. Simply download the Prestmit app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, sign up and start trading immediately.

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