The Best 10 Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria

Making payments with payment gateways in Nigeria

Previously, making payments to online stores in Nigeria came as a nightmare to everyone involved. For instance, customers had to endure bank queues to pay for even trivial items. Moreover, the bank might spend hours before the merchant could confirm the payment.

However, within a few years, things have changed. Today, consumers can pay for online goods and services (from the comfort of their homes) via payment gateways in Nigeria. Furthermore, merchants receive their cash without bothering about bank delays.

Curious about the top payment gateways in Nigeria? Find below the most popular options to accept and make online payments in the country.


Best Payment Gateways in Nigeria


Merchants that use this service can allow buyers to make payments in their local currency. Since Flutterwave handles the integration of payment service providers and banks, merchants will not worry about taking expenses.

Flutterwave also has a product that supports payments from across 154 locations across the world. Nicknamed Rave, the service allows customers to use debit or credit cards on online stores. With this platform, you can make payments at any local or foreign store via your bank account.


This service comes as one of the well-used payment gateways in Nigeria. By using this option, online stores can accept payments via credit and debit cards. It even allows merchants to transfer money from their Paystack dashboard to any bank account.


With this service, customers can send money to online sellers via a web app and personal email addresses. They can even perform this task without worrying about sharing information about their finances. Overall, the platform comes as a safe option since your account details will remain hidden especially during a transaction.


If you want another Nigerian online payment gateway, try eTranzact WebConnect. Launched in 2003, the platform offers its services via smartphones, ATM, web and POS terminals. It’s also a part of an eTranzact merchant website.

Using this service comes as a relief to any merchant or buyer. For instance, it works with all local and international cards. It also pays into several accounts at the same time.


First Bank of Nigeria owns this multiplatform payment gateway that allows online stores to support payments. By using this service, the websites can accept Visa, MasterCard, eTranzact and InterSwitch cards.


Owned by GTBank, GTPay comes as a safe payment gateway for debit cards that work with the Interswitch Network. It also functions on existing online stores while connecting them to concerned banks.

Moreover, it aids buyers to make payments quickly and without stress. Finally, merchants can receive quick alerts (within 24 hours) because the service deducts transaction amounts within seconds.


One of the top online payment gateways comes from Zenith bank. Known as Globalpay, the service accepts all cards from MasterCard, Visa, Verve, and Etranzact. It also accepts payments from buyers across the world since it supports a one-time integration.

Interswitch WebPay

As expected, this payment portal helps merchants receive payments from any location. If you want another Interswitch product, you can use Webpaydirect.


If you need another payment platform, consider using VoguePay. Apart from allowing easy and safe transactions, the service does not charge any setup fee. It also allows sellers to receive payments via any card even if they do not own a VoguePay account.

UBA UCollect

UBA offers UCollect that helps online stores receive payments via various cards. Moreover, this platform connects consumers, sellers and concerned banks. As a result, it provides a safe and quick way to enable online payments.

U-Collect works with multiple payment options such as e-Tranzact, MasterCard, Verve, and Visa.

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