Facebook Announces Lip Sync Live, Imitates Musical.ly

facebook lip sync live

Facebook has made playing uploading and playing copyrighted music on its platform easy by partnering with music companies around the world. It has also announced a new feature of its platform called Lip Sync Live, a rival to the well-known lip-syncing app, Musical.ly

It’s now easier to share videos with Music on Facebook

Right until now, Facebook follows strict copyright rule and would not allow music to be shared with videos uploaded by its users unless the person owns the content. People had to find a way around this to get creative with videos.

share music with video on Facebook
image: facebook

Facebook says it has partnered with music companies and it is currently testing the ability to allow people to share special moments or celebrations that involve music. This is expected to go live globally soon making video sharing more fun on Facebook.

Facebook Lip Sync Live; we’ve seen this before

Those who use Musical.ly knows what this is about and Facebook once again seems to have taken a feature from a competitor. Lip Sync Live lets users lip sync to songs in real time from their favourite artists with music from all kinds of genres being made available.

facebook lip sync live
image: facebook

How to Use Facebook Lip Sync Live Feature

When starting a live video, users will now see the Lip Sync Live option.

  • Next phase lets you choose the song you want to lip sync to from the available genres.
  • The feature lets you add a description to your lip sync video, customize and play with the background.
  • During Lip Sync Live, friends can see the artist and song title you are syncing to, so they can follow.

Facebook says it will continue working with the music industry with more features expected to be rolled out soon.

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