Etisalat Wants You To Be Yourelf’s Customer Service Agent—launches MyEtisalt Self-service Platform

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Are you among those that dial 200 when they have the smallest of the smallest of issues with their SIMs? Or you are among those that have memorized almost all the USSD codes used in making transaction on Etisalat? Etisalat don’t want you to bother yourself again.

Instead of memorizing USSDs, Etisalat wants you to devote your memory to something more engaging and wants you to serve yourself by yourself. It simply wants you to be your own customer service agent.

In this regards, the ISP  just launched a new platform  called MyEtisalat, which will provide subscribers with a dashboard to fix most of the common issues they might have using their SIMs.

With the MyEtisalat self service platform, you can perform the following operations:

  • View your current package, check available packages and migrate to package of your choice.
  • Buy recharge card using your Naira debit card.
  • Block your line yourself in the case of stolen phone in order to protect your privacy.
  • Ability to Manage data and transfer airtime.
  • Ability to monitor data and airtime usage.
  • Ability to opt in and out of available Etisalat service.
  • See your loyalty status and redeem rewards.

The MyEtisalat self-service is available in mobile apps and on the web: Android users can download it from here. The app is also available in iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. To access the platform on a computer, click on this link.


The good news is that you don’t need to have data or credit to use this platform: All you need are your Etisalat SIM and a smart devices, and you are your own customer service agent.

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