5 Reasons to ditch HDD and Put Your Money on Solid State Drive storage

5 Reasons to ditch HDD and Put Your Money on Solid State Drive storage

No gain saying Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has been storing our data since the good old days. It is still doing the work effectively today, but their crash stories are always stories that touch the heart and makes it bleed.

Thanks to technological improvement, Solid State Drive (SSD) is the latest storage device, and here are the five (5) reasons to put your money on one today:

5 Reasons to ditch HDD and Put Your Money on Solid State Drive storage

Reasons to Put Money on  Solid State Drive

  1. Data Processing Speed: Solid State Drive is the bomb when it comes to rate at which data are read and written. Because the drive works like a flash drive, it doesn’t take time for data to be processed on it. Unlike in HDD where the CD inside must keep rolling every time as the writer/reader head writes and reads data. This leads to slow data processing rate in HDD compared to SSD.
  2. Life Span: Also because SSD doesn’t have moving parts, it doesn’t have problem with any of its parts wearing. Wearing occurs when two metals rub each other over a long period of time. Since SSD has no moving part, wearing is no problem and this prolongs its lifespan.
  3. Fragmentation: As explained in how to defrag your HDD to boast it speed, HDD tends to fragment large files after a period of time. This leads to virtual splitting of large files into small fragments and making it difficult for large files to open very fast on HDD. In the case of SSD, this is no problem as data are compacted together.
  4. Shock resistance: the main killer of a HDD is shock. When a laptop drops unexpectedly, the recoil force from hitting the ground can crash its HDD. This is because moving parts in its HDD can be displaced as a result of the shock. However in the case of SSD, most shocks that crash HDD as a result of falling have no significant impact on it—This shouldn’t be a reason to be careless with laptops with SSD.
  5. Noise/Sound: this is the least reason to put your money on  SSD computer. Noise in most HDD are not so loud that they can cause irritation to ear. But if you want a computer that works without making any noise, then SSD should be your primary storage.

It is worth saying that because Solid State Drive technology is still relatively new, its price/storage capacity is far expensive than that of HDD. So I wouldn’t say you should discard your good HDD, and go and buy SSD. But if you ever have a reason to get a new storage device for your computer, make sure it is Solid State Drive.

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