Creators Can Now Change Their Channel Name Easily on YouTube


YouTube creators will now be able to change their channel name and profile picture directly on YouTube without going through their Google account, TheVerge revealed.

Previously, creators had to go into their Google account to change their name and profile picture which will also affect their Gmail account. Creators who wanted a different YouTube name apart from their Google accounts had to create brand accounts.

The new system makes it easy to rebrand channels on YouTube but it comes with a caveat, verifications badges will be lost and creators already verified would have to go through the verification steps.

YouTube says the new name change feature is one of its most highly requested from creators and that the feature will be available to both personal and brand accounts.

Both channel name and profile picture can be changed on desktop inside YouTube Studio under the Customization tab. YouTube has been looking for ways to make life easier for its creators, the video streaming giant recently began testing new designs to hide dislike count on videos.

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