YouTube Increases Video Resolution Options on Mobile for Data Saving


YouTube has added a new video resolution option on its Android and iOS app to ease up on data consumption. Discovered by 9to5Google, the server-side update adds a different option apart from the incremental options and auto resolutions.

The update adds “higher picture quality” and it makes a big difference: it uses more data, or “data saver” mode which tends to lower the picture/video quality when watching videos on the mobile app. The “higher picture quality” mode works automatically with the internet data speed and it caps for a good connection at 720p and could go down from 480p – 144p for a poor internet connection.

The update to the mobile app also lets the user choose a default streaming resolution when connected to a mobile or Wi-Fi network. Also, when playing a video, the “Advanced” tab can now be used to select specific playback resolution from 144p to 4K UHD.

To get the new video resolution options, you may have to update your YouTube app on Android and iOS to the latest version.

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