Celebrating PS4’s 5-Year Anniversary: Few Highlights from the Best Picks of 23 Game Developers

Best PS4 Games Ever

About half a decade ago, PlayStation 4 took the gaming world by storm with captivating, riveting titles. To celebrate the momentous milestone of PS4, 23 leading designers from PlayStation’s worldwide studios each revealed their 3 greatest games ever on this engine. Without much dillydallying, let’s look at some excerpts from the reviews of these professionals:

Best PS4 Games Ever as Chosen by Sony Developers

John Garvin

Creative Director at Bend Studio

Uncharted 4

“I love the entire Uncharted franchise, not just because we got to make one here at Bend Studios (Uncharted Golden Abyss for PS Vita!), but because of its characters. Drake, Sully, Elena, Chloe all have great stories to tell. We get to learn more about who Drake is, how he became the treasure hunter and adventurer we all know, and explore Drake’s relationship with Elena. In the end, I like narrative-driven games that are about interesting relationships, and Uncharted 4 is one of the best.”

God of War

“Speaking of relationships! How about that father and son relationship in the new God of War? It’s a franchise I’m a huge fan of, but until now, not one which I would have considered to be “character driven.” I was blown away by some of the game’s bold story choices: making Kratos a father; introducing a kid into the mix; having quiet moments like when Kratos helps Atreus kill the stag. In fact, throughout the game, it’s the moments where things aren’t said that is the most powerful. Kratos reaching out to say something, but not finding the words.”

Red Dead Redemption 2

“I am a huge fan of the first game. In fact, it was a major inspiration for Days Gone – I loved the fantasy of being a gunslinger in the Old West, and that love hasn’t faded. I’m only a few hours in but I’m already sold – the atmosphere, the cinematography, the environments, the mood, the music. And the characters – I want to avoid spoilers, so all I’ll say is that the cast of characters, the performances, the stories, all consistently top-notch and entertaining. The sheer scope of the game is daunting at times, but I’m not going to complain about having too much game.”

Angie Smets

Executive Producer at Guerrilla Games

The Last of Us: Remastered

“I missed The Last Of Us on PS3 amidst my never-ending backlog of great games, but when I played the remastered version on PS4 I was amazed by its timeless quality. From the nuanced characterization of Joel and Ellie to the poignant narrative, The Last Of Us: Remastered has lost none of its relevance.”


“Coming from the makers of Limbo, I knew Inside would be dark – but I didn’t expect it to be so haunting. The game uses neat puzzles and platforming mechanics to draw the player towards an ending that shocks and satisfies at the same time, and for months after completion my thoughts would involuntarily return there.”

Rayman Legends

“I loved playing games with my mom when I grew up, so being able to do the same with my son is very special to me. Rayman Legends fits the bill perfectly. Its co-op implementation is terrific, and the gameplay hasn’t lost any of the accessibility and inventiveness that I remember from back in the day.”

Hermen Hulst

Managing Director and Co-founder at Guerrilla Games

God of War

“With God of War, I feel as though Santa Monica Studios pulled off the impossible: they redeemed the most brutal demigod ever to star in a video game franchise, by reframing his character through the very human lens of fatherhood. It was a stroke of genius that hugely paid off, reinvigorating the franchise and paving the way for a brand new chapter in its mythology.”

Red Dead Redemption 2

“When Rockstar releases an open-world game, it sets a new bar that can only be surpassed by the next Rockstar game. I’ve barely spent a week in Red Dead Redemption 2, but I can honestly already say that I’ve never played a game with more attention to detail. Which is all the more impressive given the sheer scope and size of the game world.”


“Proof positive that puzzle platformers don’t always need to be lighthearted colourful affairs Inside combines intricate puzzle platforming with deeply disturbing visual storytelling – without any of its characters uttering a single word. And just when I thought I’d seen it all, developer Playdead pulled the rug out from under me for a conclusion that defied all sanity.”

Siobhan Reddy

Studio Director at Media Molecule

Resident Evil 7

“This is the franchise that absolutely clinched my love of gaming. I am a huge horror fan, and the combination of atmos – music, visuals, and story made it actually frightening to play. Especially experiencing it in VR gave me all the chills!”

Dark Souls 3

“I came into the Dark Souls series at number 3 and just loved it. The passive co-op play is such a great mechanic. I also love the story of what inspired it, it has such a beautiful beginning. The game’s director Hidetaka Miyazaki told a story about being stuck in a row of cars on a hill in the show and the cars nudging each other up, allowing everyone to get home. I love the idea of people who don’t know each other helping each other.”

The Flame and the Flood

“I love a survival game, I think you can see that in all my choices. The Flame and The Flood has a beautiful atmosphere, funny characters, and gorgeous music. I loved the mechanics: you just get a little further every time. It also doesn’t hurt that your character, Scout, has a pet dog that you have to look after. I’m a big fan of dog companions.”

What are your own favourite PlayStation 4 games? Feel free to share your views with us in the comment section below.

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