5 Best Vault Apps for iPhone to Protect Your Photos

photo vault apps for iphone

Vault apps for iPhone let you protect your photos with passwords to avoid unauthorized access. The default Photos app on iPhone is great and it does a decent job of organizing your photos but it still does have a better way for you to hide certain pictures you don’t want the public seeing.

No matter how alert or attentive you are, there are times when people will go through your phone and access the photos folder even if you don’t want them to. We’ve curated for you here the best photo vault apps for iPhone in 2020.

Best Photo Vault Apps for iPhone

With any of the apps listed below, you can prevent unauthorized access to your iPhone photos.

Secret Photo Vault – Keepsafe

best vault apps for iPhone

This app lets you secure your photos and videos with a PIN. It is very easy to use with a simple UI. It has a premium option with which you can go ad-free. It comes with an integrated camera for taking photos directly to the Keep safe app and there is a full screen and slideshow gallery option to preview all your photos.

Its premium options include album lock which lets you assign individual PIN to albums, space saver feature and trash recovery.

Private Photo Vault

best vault apps for iPhone

Private Photo Vault is similar to the aforementioned app in the way it works. You can protect your photos using passwords or pattern and it allows you to create for you to manage your photos and share easily.

It has a slideshow option to see all pictures and it’s free to download on the App Store.

Best Secret Folder

best secret folder app

Best Secret Folder lets you secretly hide your private photos and videos from intruding eyes. The app is intuitive in the way it works and no one would even know it’s on your iPhone. It works with FaceID and Password lock, so you can decide on the one you want to use.

This app sends you logs on entrance and it tracks intruders who have entered wrong passwords 4 times by capturing their photo and sending you the location.

Secret Album: Photo Vault

secret album photo vault

Secret Album is very extensive with so many functions to secure your photos and videos. The app will send you break-in alerts and secretly send to you photos of intruders. It creates a secret folder which is lockable with PIN, you can move photos from your camera roll or snap new ones and secure there.

It has a media player with full screen supports and there is a slideshow option for you to view all photos and videos in a cinematic experience.

Hide Photos Video – Hide it Pro

photo vault apps for iphone

You are paying for pro, be rest assured you are getting pro performance. Hide it Pro is very simple to use, this app lets you create and customize albums to your taste so you identify things easily.

You can add photos from iTunes, your camera and from your gallery. All photos and videos including GIFs are secured using your password or Face ID lock. The app comes with cloud backup for your video and it automatically activates the lock when you exit the app.


Not everyone needs to lock their photos or is concerned about people accessing their gallery. If you want to secure your photos and videos, the applications above are highly recommended. Those are the best vault apps for iPhone.


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