5 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone

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What are the best voice recorder apps for iPhone? Your iPhone comes with a voice recorder which Apple introduced on iOS 12. This app just does the basics of voice recording and does not offer extra capabilities.

If you want a recorder with extra goodies, you will have to check out various options from the App Store. Created by third-party developers, these apps offer several features such as cloud storage, transcription, and bookmarks. They also support different file formats.

Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone

Interested in using any of these alternatives to the default Voice Memo on iPhone? Well, you can check out the following.

Voice Recorder and Audio Editor

If you want premium recording services, Voice Recorder and Audio Editor deserve a spot on your smartphone. Apart from acting as a traditional recorder, it can record any calls made on your phone.

voice recorder apps for iPhone

Extra options include a sleep timer and speed listening. If you want more features, hit the share button that allows you to edit recorded files. When you have completed the process, you can save the file on your device or any cloud storage platform.

However, some of these features are not free. For a monthly subscription of $1.99, you can use the transcription service, wipe out ads and have access to numerous apps. Do you want the call recording feature? You will have to make an extra monthly payment of $4.99.


If you prefer installing a popular voice recording app, Evernote will meet your needs. It also comes as one of the best alternatives on the App Store for several reasons.

Evernote for iPhone

First, it permits users to record and save sound in different formats. Moreover, you can make recordings of up to 25MB but if you want larger files, a paid upgrade offers 200MB.

On this app, you can add text notes or images to the recordings. It’s even possible to place all files in a new note thereby making it possible to save in a notebook. However, it does not feature a converter or a transcription service.

Finally, Evernote comes as a perfect fit for people who don’t make files that require excess space.

Voice Record Pro

Even if it sports a vintage interface, Voice Record Pro stands as one of the best apps for recording sound. It also has a trendy design that will attract any minimalist.

voice recorder apps for iphone

To use this app, simply tap the REC option. Immediately, you can have access to a bookmark that allows making audio files for a particular duration. If you hit the Stop button, you can send the files via SMS or Email. Furthermore, the service works with platforms such as Soundcloud, Drive, and Dropbox.

Are you looking for a voice recording app that allows you to edit files? Voice Record Pro has a feature that trims out unwanted sections of your recordings. If you prefer turning your voice notes to text, its above-average transcription option has got you covered. Moreover, it has an MP3 converter that promises ID3 and colour tags.

You can download and use Voice Record Pro for free. However, a payment of $6.99 removes the annoying ads that frequently pop up.

Otter Voice Notes

Unlike many voice recording apps, Otter Voice Notes uses AI to offer premium services. For instance, it converts audio files to text at an impressive speed. It also can make recordings from different sources at the same time. If you want to add pictures to the files, the app can handle the function.

Otter Voice Meeting iOS

Otter has features that would serve projects that involve large teams. After all, a user can allow team members to edit transcriptions. Moreover, they can also share their notes via the service. Toss in its support for iOS Calendar and Contacts, AirPods, Siri and AirPrint, the app deserves a place on this list.

To use this service, you will have to make a monthly subscription of $9.99. As a bonus, the app offers 600 minutes for free. One of the best voice recorder apps for iPhone.

Rev Voice Recorder

Even if most apps use AI to convert audio files to text, its possible to have errors on the notes. Rev Voice Recorder handles this problem by sending files to professional transcripts. For added accuracy, the transcripts proofread every inch of the document.

voice recorder apps for iphone

Basic transcription and editing cost $1 per minute while a timestamped transcript goes for $0.25 per minute. But since it stands as an expensive tool, its best suited for people with careers that require accurate notes.



You can download and install any of the voice recorder apps for iPhone mentioned in this post. But before choosing any app, look for the one that suits your daily needs.

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