Top Ten Best Tablets for Teachers in 2018

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Best tablets for teachers in 2018 – Five, ten, twenty years ago, teachers would carry textbooks, dictate to the class, solve math on the board, and you can recall the rest. Today, that scenario is fast changing as teachers are embracing digital technology. Many of them have witnessed, firsthand, what they could do and how much they could achieve with mobile and digital technology.

2017 was the year of incredible tablet launches with Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 one of the major highlights. Even in 2018, the geeks at Apple have raised the bar just higher with their budget size iPad which was devotedly designed for the classroom – both teachers and students.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best tablets for teachers in 2018. Take a look…

10 Best Tablets for Teachers in 2018

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7inch

best tablets for teachers in 2018

For teachers, the Galaxy S3 9.7inch is the perfect tablet which is even made better by the Super AMOLED display and its stylus pen. This device is powered by both Qualcomm MSM8996 and Snapdragon 820, giving it an excellent performance. The Galaxy is number one on this list not just for the sleek design, but the extra 15GB cloud storage offered by Samsung can be very useful in a classroom environment.

  1. Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch

best tablets for teachers in 2018

Although this Apple tablet could have clinched the top spot, the cloud storage is smaller (5GB) compared to the Galaxy, and the pencil needs to be charged. Beyond these though, iPad Pro 10.5inch is a beast. With a LED backlit LCD screen coupled with an incredible A10X Fusion chip, this works just seamlessly for teachers.

  1. Google Pixel C 10.2inch

best tablets for teachers

This tablet brought about the evolution of the Chrome OS, to the Google devotees and the rest of the tablet users all over the world. It comes with a high resolution of 2560 x 1800 pixels, meaning diagrams and charts can be displayed in detail. While being one of the best tablets for teachers, it comes without a stylus.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 2017

best tablets for teachers

Manufactured by the tech giant, Microsoft, the Surface Pro 2017 has so much power that teachers will particularly find it easier to use than the rest of the tablets on this list. The device has a dedicated pen which offers much more than writing. It can be used to draw high definition images. This device runs on the 7th Generation of Intel Core.

  1. ASUS ZenPad 3S 10

best tablets for teachers

Another tablet for teachers that can powerfully accept all the workload thrown at it is the ZenPad. Powered by MediaTek MT8176 chip and integrated with hexa-core processor, the ASUS device offers a screen-to-body ratio of 74%. The 1536 x 2048 screen resolution coupled with an IPS LCD display will make this tablet any teacher’s favourite item.

  1. Alcatel A30 Tablet

best tablets for teachers

This is an ideal tablet for primary school teachers as it comes at an affordable price compared to the other tablets above, and the processing power (Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 8909) and 8inch screen are convenient for teaching kids.

  1. Lenovo Miix 510

best tablets for teachers

This Lenovo device is a possibility for those who want to have that Windows tablet/desktop experience. Powered by Windows OS, the tablet runs on Intel Core i5 at 2.71 GHz. With the IPS display and the 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, your time in the class will always be a moment for excellent interaction.

  1. ASUS Transformer Mini

best tablets for teachers

This 10.1inch tablet is the answer to why many people prefer the Windows tablet/laptop experience to either the iOS or Android. With a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixel and an Intel Atom Processor, this tablet gives you enough power for presentations, and just about anything.

  1. Apple iPad 9.7inch 2017

best tablets for teachers

If you are one of those who loves everything Apple, here you have two tablets. This particular tablet, the iPad 9.7inch, offers great performance as well as an excellent battery life. What more, it’s quite affordable. You don’t get a stylus support though, but the 1.84GHz processor and the A9 chipset would give you more power and fluid for daily usage. The tablet has 1536 x 2048 screen resolution.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6inch

best tablets for teachers

No, we didn’t produce this list having in mind the competition between Apple and Samsung. There’s a reason they’re rivals! What’s more worth having for a teacher than a Book produced by Samsung? 10.6inch, stylus support, keyboard included, thin, 2.6GHz processor, and powered by 7th Generation Intel Core. This device is more than a book; it is a Samsung Galaxy Book.



Having gone through the list, which of the above devices would you be buying? Kindly let us know in the comments below. Perhaps, you have questions regarding any of the devices; just drop your questions below.

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