Top 10 Best 4G LTE Tablets in 2020

4g lte tablets

Tablets serve as ideal gadgets in today’s world. However, most models work only with WIFI which might not be available at all times.

The good news is that some brands have launched some tablets that work with cellular networks. Although these models cost more, they make life easier by working with either SIM cards or Wi-Fi. Here are the best 4G LTE tablets of the moment.

Best 4G LTE Tablets You Should Buy

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Galaxy Tab S3 comes as a high-end Android tablet that comes with impressive specs. First, it has a Super AMOLED display which you can enjoy via its cellular LTE support. It also works with GSM networks.

Surprisingly, this product comes with a stylus. This accessory makes it easier for creating excel documents or presentations. One of the best 4G LTE tablets available.

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular

Next on our list is the Apple Ipad. This device continues to amaze every consumer by offering specs such as a good display, performance, thickness, and battery. The tablet also supports both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity which makes it a must-have. You can even get a better media experience with an iPad than on most tablets today.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple makes another appearance on this article with its amazing iPad Pro. The device has features that will impress most consumers. These features include an 11-inch Liquid Retinal Display, a decent ten hours of battery life and an embedded A12X Bionic Chip with Neural Engine.

The iPad Pro works with cellular networks. However, if your data bundle is limited, you can switch to Wi-Fi. On this device, you can create or access files via Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

One of the few LTE tablets that can compete with the iPad Pro is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. First, it offers a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display which promises better graphics. Next, it comes with an S-Pen while the iPad Pro does not include any stylus in its box.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Tab S4 runs on a massive 7300 mAh battery. This cell will give you 16 hours of video play which is suitable for mobile entertainment. The battery also supports fast charging.

HTC Google Nexus 9

HTC makes an appearance on our list with the Google Nexus 9. The trendy tablet offers massive battery capacity, enhanced performance, and a slim look. You can work or play with this device in any location via LTE networks of most service providers.

HP 2-in-1 Spectre

One of the products that stand out on our list is the HP 2 in 1 Spectre. This tablet is a 2 in 1 laptop which converts to a tablet by taking out the magnetic keyboard. It runs on Windows 10, making you run important software such as Microsoft Excel, Office, Word or Photoshop.

You can access the internet from any location with this device because it supports cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Besides, the device has a budget-friendly price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

Coming up next is the Samsung Galaxy Tab E. This budget product runs on the Android KitKat which gives you access to the Google Play Store. The Galaxy Tab E supports LTE and has an internal memory of 16GB. You can expand the memory to 64GB with a MicroSD card.

The device offers 9.6 inches of display with which you can watch movies, play games or create documents. The above features make the Galaxy Tab E a great tablet to own.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Are you looking for a good LTE tab while on a budget? Then you should set your sights on the Galaxy Tab A. This tablet stands as the trimmed down version of the Tab S4 which results in average screen quality and hardware. However, the device performs well and supports 4G LTE networks.

Surface Pro LTE

Do you want a tablet that can handle tasks as easily as a laptop? Then you should check out the Surface Pro LTE. This product is a laptop that has the look of a tablet. However, you can add a keyboard to complete the look.

The Surface Pro LTE has a reliable battery and works with LTE networks. One of the best 4G LTE tablets available.


The G Pad XII is one of the best 4g lte tablets in 2019. For one, its sports a 10.1-inch WUXIA HD display that provides brilliant graphics with the help of its high-end hardware. The tablet also works with 4G LTE.


So that wraps up our article on the top 4G 10 LTE Tablets of 2019. We hope you find our list helpful in finding an ideal LTE tablet for work or play. We want to add that all devices on this article are listed in no particular order as they have specs that will serve both budget and premium consumers. Do you agree with our selection? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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