Top 5 Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices

best free call blocker apps for android

If you’ve been looking for the best free call blocker apps for Android without ringing, we have you covered. Sometimes, we hate getting calls from certain numbers — unsolicited calls from our network provider, calls from a strange number, or those from a friend or an acquaintance we hold a grudge against; the list is endless! We make attempts to find a way to block this kind of calls from our phone, but don’t know the right tools to use. Some people, after trying many options with no success, could even go the extreme way: They get a new phone number.


But with the right tool, this problem is actually a very simple one to solve. In this article, we have reviewed the top 5 best free call blocker apps for Android which you can download and install on your Android smartphones. These apps — apart from blocking unwanted calls from your handset — also perform other awesome functions. Let’s have a look at these crucial tools below:

Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices

  1. Truecaller

With millions of downloads on Google Play Store, Truecaller is obviously a darling of many smartphone users looking to block spam calls and messages and to know the identity of strange callers. Once this app is downloaded and installed on your device, you now have on your hands a powerful tool for filtering out those phone numbers that are uncharted. Furthermore, Truecaller will allow you connect with other contacts on your handset more efficiently.

best free call blocker apps for android


  • It blocks spam calls as well as messages.
  • It can help you reveal the identity of unknown callers in the call history and message inbox of your phone.
  • Truecaller will help share location, status and emoji instantly with friends.
  • On the app, you can do the customization of themes that are dark, pitch black and several other ones.

Download and install Truecaller on Google Play Store here.

  1. Call Blocker Free

This is among the best call blocker apps available, allows you block those calls, MMS and SMS that are unwanted. Also, with the “Whitelist” feature of Call Blocker Free, you can select the contacts you want to relate with and add them to the list.

best free call blocker apps for android


  • It is user-friendly.
  • It launches quickly.
  • The feature of this app, “Blocking Mode,” gives you room to select from one of 4 modes and you can select any one of these modes you like.

Visit this link to download Call Blocker Free (just 9.42 megabyte) on your Android device.

  1. Whoscall

This call blocker app has been downloaded by millions of users on Play Store. A recipient of Google 2013 Innovation Award, Whoscall can help you solve the problem of unwanted phone calls and SMS. This tool has also been awarded by Google as the best app last year.

best free call blocker apps for android


  • With just one touch, Whoscall can help you block spam calls disturbing your peace.
  • It has the ability to recognize unknown callers.
  • It offers mobile business cards with personalized features.
  • It has a real-time database that is offline.

Download Whoscall here from Google Play Store.

  1. Mr Number

This is another good app that can help you block unwanted calls. It can work against scammers and prevent fraud. Mr. Number’s auto-blocking feature is intelligent and you can input custom settings for blocking spam calls.

best free call blocker apps for android


  • It blocks spam and unnecessary calls.
  • It reveals your caller’s identity.
  • Its spam or fraud-protection feature is comprehensive.
  • Number displays avatars as well as names of your recent callers
  • It alerts you about SMS that could put you in danger.

Visit this link to download Mr. Number from Google Play Store.

  1. Safest Call Blocker

With its simple and user-friendly interface, Safest Call Blocker offers instant service to you. It lets you add a mobile phone number to its blacklist from your contacts, call logs. You can also do this manually.

best free call blocker apps for android


  • Safest Call Blocker has extremely simple features.
  • It opens instantly.

Download from Play Store here.


You can download and install any of these best free call blocker apps for Android on your device to stop unwanted calls and SMS. These tools will also help you identify the identity of your callers, among other functions.

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