Best Ways to Send Large Files for Free over the Internet

best ways to send large files for free

Large amount of data is transferred every seconds on a daily basis, see the best ways to send large files for free over the internet. You just downloaded a popular movie or created a spectacular mix tape, and you’re looking to send these large files to your family and friends over the internet. If you choose to send your files through platforms such as email, Gmail, WhatsApp, etc., there are limitations on the number and size of files you are allowed to transfer. For example, on both Yahoo mail and Gmail you can only send a file of maximum size, 25 megabyte, as an attachment in an email message.

There are many ways you can use to share big files with family and friends online. We have compiled the 5 most secure, effective and simplest best ways to send large files for free over the internet. Read on to get information about these tools and how you can download them.

Best Ways to Send Large Files For Free on the Internet

  1. 7-Zip

best ways to send large files for free

This is among the easiest ways to send large files over the internet. You can compress the files with 7-Zip. Apart from shrinking your files, other benefits of this cross-platform program are that it speeds up your transfer, whether you are using cloud storage or FTP to send them; and it also saves your browsing data. 7-Zip is especially useful when you want to send multiple files; you can put them all in a folder and compress everything at once. The software is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. It has the ability to convert files to the normal ZIP format and its 7ZIP format, which is more efficient. Also, with 7-Zip, you can rest assured that your files are protected with a password; so you can safely send them to people.

  1. Google Drive

best ways to send large files for free

This cloud storage provider is one of the best and commonest ways of sending large data over the internet. Google Drive, which offers up to 15 gigabyte of free storage, allows upload of big files such as videos, music, pictures, etc. After the upload, you can give the link to people to download the files from it. You will be able to enjoy this tool if you have opened an account on Gmail.

If you need to share these large files with several people online, Google Drive saves you the stress of uploading them more than once since the service allows you choose whether to generate a link you can share or include the link in an email message to them. Premium services cost $2 for one month for 100 gigabyte of space and $10 monthly for 1 terabyte of space.

  1. Dropbox

best ways to send large files for free

This is another cloud storage service that allocates free storage space of 2 gigabyte to you when you sign up. You can share any file you moved into your Dropbox account via an online link. One of the benefits of this program is that the person — with whom you’re sharing the link — does not have to register an account with Dropbox to download the file from their website. You can increase your free storage space through the Dropbox referral program once you share a link for registering on the site with your friends and family. You can also upgrade to Dropbox Pro for $9.99 monthly.

  1. MediaFire

best ways to send large files for free

This software gives you a free space of 20 gigabyte for uploading your files. With its impressive tools for sharing files, MediaFire can surely make your sharing experience a hassle-free one.  You can upgrade to their premium service for just $3.75 per month.

  1. WeTransfer

best ways to send large files for free

This is another option you can also use to share large files over the internet. It offers you a free storage space of 2 gigabyte. Immediately you visit their site, you can start sharing files with your friends without the need to sign up on it. But its only downside is that the sent file will only be made available to the recipient for one week. Visit this link to start sharing large files with your friends online on WeTransfer.

Final Thoughts

Armed with the information provided in this article, you have now seen the best ways to send large files for free such as movies, music, etc. with friends on the internet. These tools offer free service to you and you can enjoy the security and added features they provide too.

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