5 Best Bow and Arrow Games for Android

bow and arrow games for android

Are you a toxophilite — a lover of or an expert in archery? In today’s article, we will be looking at the best 5 archery games you can enjoy on your Android smartphone. Archery, also known as bow and arrow, is the sport, practice, art or skill of making use of a bow for shooting arrows. The term has its roots in the Latin word, arcus.

Without any modicum of doubt, these games can be addictive and enthralling for lovers of archery. Without further ado, let’s review the top bow and games for Android you can play on your mobile phone.

Best Bow and Arrow Games for Android

  1. Archery King

With over 10 million downloads and 419,000+ reviews on the Play Store, Archery King is a very popular 3D archery game that lets you compete for a one-on-one with opponents in a number of gaming modes. It presents you with an exciting opportunity to test your archery skills, master all locations, and unravel their secrets. In the game, which was developed by Miniclip.com, you’ve to hit the centre of the target or aim your shot as close to it as possible and earn as many points as possible, depending on your level of skills, to defeat your opponent.

It offers various competitions such as Classic mode where you get a higher score than your opponent; Rush mode in which you will need to earn as many scores as you can under a limited time; Bingo mode in which you are required to strike 3 lines of numbers that are given in a card and create a bingo by getting rid of the number on which your arrow lands. It’s a no-brainer, Archery King is up there amongst the best bow and arrow games for Android.

Download from the Play Store

  1. Archery Black

bow and arrow games for android

Archery Black, developed by Puran Software and released on May 31, 2017, is a lightweight, addictive archery shooting game, which offers you an exciting means to kill time. Once you download and play it for the first time, you would want to play it over and over again so as to beat your scores. The entertaining game lets you earn as many points as possible using the limited number of arrows you are given.

It even comes with a multiplayer mode, which allows you play with CPU using advanced AI and defeat it if you can. You can also compete with your friends in real time 1-on-1 archery matches. The game is thrilling yet challenging: With the bow, you will shoot targets that are in motion, which makes it more difficult to aim at the middle of the target.

Download from Google Play Store

  1. Dark Man 2 Apple Shooter

Coming next in the pecking order is Dark Man 2 Apple Shooter, released on December 16, 2015, by award-winning developer 7Seas Entertainment Ltd. It is an exciting game that provides real archery shooting experience. The aim of this game is to shoot the apple on a human head without killing the person. Some of its key features are, it offers easy and smooth shooting control for playing, comes with over 75 fascinating Game Play Levels, and features physics-based gaming experience.

It supports all smartphones and tabs, lets you compete with your friends, and provides stunning animations. This game offers 3 types of an arrow: Gold that will hit the target and also pierce through every other object; Silver that will go through all objects with the exception of the human; and Fire to directly destroy the apple.

Download from Google Play Store

  1. Fruit Shoot

best bow and arrow games for android

Fruit Shoot is the brainchild of Gunrose, who released it on the Play Store in 2014. With over 5 million downloads on this platform, the game sits at the top among the best bow and arrow games ever for Android.  It is an extremely juicy arcade shooting game with amazing scenery, coupled with beautiful animations.

This game gives you a total of 20 arrows, which you shoot to hit all kinds of fruits that are placed on a bear’s head. It offers 3 archery tournaments — easy, normal, and hard — and features leaderboards with which you can play with friends and random people.

Download from the Play Store

  1. Archery

bow and arrow games for android

Developed by Innovative Games and released on Google Play Store on July 18, 2012, Archery has enjoyed more than 10 million downloads and has been reviewed by 129,000+ users on the platform. It is an archery game that has decent graphics and cool physics animations that are also quite detailed and accurate.

The aim of playing this game is to shoot a target board with your bow as well as an arrow and earn amazing scores. It is free to download on the Play Store and no doubt one of the best bow and arrow games for Android.

Download from Google Play Store.


Here are the top 5 bow and arrow games for Android OS right now. The games are great tools for killing time, for enjoying exciting gameplay on your tab or smartphone.


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