Apple May Finally Be Forced to Abandon Lightning Cable by EU

Apple lightning cable

Apple has been using the lightning cable for years on its iPhones including the most recent iPhone 11 which has a USB-C to lightning port cable. There are indications the 2020 iPhones will be finally adopting a USB-C charging port, after all, Apple has adopted this on its iPad Pro and the recently released MacBooks. According to BBC, members of the European Parliament are calling for the European Commission to force Apple in adopting the USB-C.

European Union
European Union

Members of the Parliament wants Apple to adopt a single universal method as the lightning cable is bad for the environment. Regulators are expected to vote but a date has not been decided. The European Commission has been pushing the move for a single universal charging method for years, the body is determined to tackle electronic waste created by damaged cables which generate more than 51,000 tonnes of waste annually.

Speaking on the development, Parliament Member Alex Agius Saliba said, “This is hugely detrimental for the environment. A common charger should fit all mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and other portable devices.”. Apple is not entirely down with this as the company says the regulation would stifle innovation and be disruptive to customers.

What Next for Apple?

Like we said earlier, Apple may have already decided to go with the USB-C charging port for its iPhone 12 series. This would be no surprise since the company has already abandoned the lightning cable on its iPad Pro and latest MacBook Pro laptops. Virtually all Android flagship devices use the USB-C ports which goes in line with what the EU has been campaigning for.

Another option for Apple would be to abandon ports totally on its iPhone and go for wireless charging, there have been rumours as to that but only time will tell when Apple unveils its new iPhones in Q3 2020.

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