Apple Announces MacBook Keyboard Redesign, Expands Repair Program

apple MacBook butterfly keyboard

On Tuesday, Apple announced an update to its keyboard repair program. This move was made after Apple acknowledged and apologized for keyboard issues with its MacBooks in March.

According to The Verge, the Apple Keyboard Service Program will cater for MacBooks with the “butterfly mechanism.” The expansion will cover recent models which previously did not qualify for the program. However, the company will not extend the duration of the service, which remains at “4 years after the first retail sale of the unit.”

Apple has also announced another duplication of its butterfly keyboard which will feature on the latest MacBook Pro announced yesterday. Fortunately, these new keyboards will qualify for the service program (only if they exhibit flaws).

Recently, Apple has received deserved criticism over the quality of its butterfly keyboard. Although the company has repeatedly pointed out that the “vast majority” of its consumers will not encounter any issues, many of them have complained about stuck keys that type double or no characters. The company claims these flaws as isolated cases; however, consumer complaints on social media and blogs tell a different story.

In a move to ease tensions, Apple promises lesser repair times at its retail outlets. However, the Verge was not able to get any specific details about such repairs when it approached an Apple spokesperson.

Furthermore, Apple has added some new features to its butterfly keyboard. The company claims it will use “new materials” in the switch mechanism that will eliminate cases of double and missed keystrokes. This spec will feature on the recently announced MacBook Pro 15-inch, and MacBook Pro inch with Touch Bar and the Apple repair program will cover this new keyboard.

The company did not release any statements on whether it would use this “new material” on current third-generation MacBooks. When The Verge attempted to know the new material, Apple did not reveal any names, but it said the product “substantially reduces “double or missed keyboard strokes. The latest tweak will also be seen as a ” third generation” device like the keyboard on the latest MacBook Air.

According to Apple, when users of the MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar and MacBook Pro 15-inch take their keyboards for repairs, they will have such keyboards replaced by ones built with these new materials. However, this service covers only the 2018 models of the MacBook Pro and the latest MacBook Air.

Apple further maintained that it holds the view that the Mac is still growing in an industry that is threatened with decline. It also says that it’s investing more resources in the Mac than usual. Even if this claim is valid, Mac users are clamouring for a complete solution to the keyboard issue by overhauling the design on the entire MacBook line. However, we are yet to see any signs of this change happening in the nearest future.

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