Apple, Google and Microsoft Commit to Implement Passwordless Sign-Ins

passwordless sign-ins

On Thursday, May 5th – World Password Day, Apple, Google and Microsoft announced it is working together to expand support for passwordless sign-in standard developed by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium.

The FIDO Alliance passwordless authentication will work on websites and apps across all devices and platforms from Microsoft, Apple and Google without the stress of needing several passwords for each service. Because consumers have to enter many passwords on different platforms, most normally use the same password and it becomes easy to have data breaches.

Just as we design our products to be intuitive and capable, we also design them to be private and secure,” said Kurt Knight, Apple’s Senior Director of Platform Product Marketing. “Working with the industry to establish new, more secure sign-in methods that offer better protection and eliminate the vulnerabilities of passwords is central to our commitment to building products that offer maximum security and a transparent user experience — all with the goal of keeping users’ personal information safe.” 

This milestone is a testament to the collaborative work being done across the industry to increase protection and eliminate outdated password-based authentication,” said Mark Risher, Senior Director of Product Management at Google. “For Google, it represents nearly a decade of work we’ve done alongside FIDO, as part of our continued innovation towards a passwordless future. We look forward to making FIDO-based technology available across Chrome, ChromeOS, Android and other platforms, and encourage app and website developers to adopt it, so people around the world can safely move away from the risk and hassle of passwords.”

If implemented, biometric scans (facial or fingerprint recognition), a PIN or drawing a pattern will be enough to sign in to all services that would previously require passwords. The feature, however, will take time to implement and it is expected to be available “over the course of the coming year.”

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