Annapurna’s Stray is Getting a Movie Adaptation


Stray, the hit cyberpunk cat adventure from Annapurna Interactive, is getting an animated movie. The news follows the success of the debut feature film, Nimona, from Annapurna Animation. Studio head Robert Baird told Entertainment Weekly that an animated movie, based on Stray is in active development, and that he hopes “it is going to be the first and greatest hopepunk movie that’s ever been made.”

Stray, the critically acclaimed game, was released last year on PlayStation and PC before making its way to Xbox consoles this August. In the game, players take control of Gato, the cat, and his companion drone B-12 as they traverse through a dangerous cyberpunk city.

Apart from Stray, Annaurpuna Animation is considering more titles from its gaming branch for feature adaptations, but the studio did not reveal much. Other hit gaming titles from Annapurna Interactive include the time-loop thriller Twelve Minutes, action-adventure Outer Wilds, and point-and-click interactive fiction Kentucky Route Zero. On the reason Stray was chosen, Andrew Millstein, who runs the animation arm of the company with Baird said it’s because “it is just wildly popular.”

The company has multiple projects in the works, including, FOO, an acronym for ‘fish out of water.’ FOO is being directed by Ice Age creator Chris Wedge, while an unnamed project is also being handled by Nimona co-director Nick Bruno.

Image – Annapurna Interactive

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