WhatsApp Rolls out HD Video Support


When WhatsApp rolled out support for HD photos in August, the company promised that the feature was coming to videos soon. In a post on X on Wednesday, the company announced that it is now rolling out support for HD videos.

Previously, WhatsApp only supported a maximum video resolution of 480p, and all HD videos shared were compressed to this format. With the new update, users can now share HD videos on WhatsApp up to 720p, TechCrunch reports. To share videos in 720p HD, users need to follow the same process as sharing HD photos.

To share HD video, users need to select the HD button that appears on the top of the screen after selecting the video. Before sending, WhatsApp will give the sender the choice to share in Standard Quality or HD Quality. When HD videos are shared, the recipients will see an HD badge on them, confirming that the video is available in HD quality.

Just like HD photos, HD videos are protected by WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption. Support for HD videos is rolling out globally and it should get to everyone soon.

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