Video and Audio Calls Coming to X, Elon Musk Says

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X (formerly Twitter) is working on rolling out video and audio calls. Elon Musk made the announcement on Thursday in a post as the company intensifies the effort to make X an “everything app.”

Musk said the calling feature will work on iOS, Android, Mac and PC, and that users will not need a phone number to use the feature. “X is the effective global address book,” he added in an X post. When asked by a user if the calls will be encrypted, Musk replied “Not at first, but we will add the ability to turn off encryption on or off dynamically.” Musk further explained that “there is necessarily a slight lag for encryption. Most of the time, encryption isn’t important, and quality of call is better.”

While Musk didn’t provide a timeline for the rollout of the calling feature, it looks like his mission to make X a super app is in full swing. Musk is determined to make X an everything app, just like China’s WeChat which provides a range of services.

Despite appointing former NBCU ad executive, Linda Yaccarino, as X CEO in May, Musk continues to lead product design and new technology. In another development, X is working on removing headlines from links to news articles. Musk said the change “will greatly improve the aesthetics.”

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