Amazon and Apple Joins in Reducing Streaming Quality in Europe

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After Netflix and YouTube decided to limit streaming quality in Europe, Amazon and Apple are following suit. Amazon Prime Video which is the world’s second-largest streaming service is set to implement a similar strategy so constraints on internet service providers is reduced as people are forced to stay home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We support the need for careful management of telecom services to ensure they can handle the increased internet demand, with so many people now at home full-time due to Covid-19. Prime Video is working with local authorities and internet service providers where needed to help mitigate any network congestion, including in Europe, where we’ve already begun the effort to reduce streaming bitrates while maintaining a quality streaming experience for our customers,” an Amazon Prime Video spokesman tells The Guardian.

Disney+ launches in some parts of Europe and the UK next week and it may limit streaming quality as well. It is said BBC is discussing implementing a similar strategy for its iPlayer. iPlayer has the largest streaming audience in the UK.

TheVerge confirms Apple will be limiting streaming quality in Europe for its Apple TV Plus service. This was first discovered by 9to5Mac who noticed the degradation in video quality.

The degradation in video quality is very noticeable, and even more so on the >40-inch televisions most people have in their living rooms these days. The lower quality is a far cry from the richly detailed 4K HDR content Apple TV+ normally serves,” confirms 9to5Mac.

Amazon Prime Video has 118 million subscribers globally and is only second to Netflix in numbers. According to Ampere statistics, there are 35 million Amazon Prime Video users in Europe and 9 million in the UK.

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