Does WhatsApp Notify Your Friends When You Take Screenshots of Status?

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While viewing our friend’s WhatsApp status, you see a beautiful picture. The first thing you want to do is take a screenshot. However, something strikes your mind. Will your friend know you just took a screenshot of her picture?

You don’t have to worry. This is a very natural feeling that we all have. WhatsApp is a derivation of Instagram, and Instagram was known for notifying users when others take a screenshot of their posts.

Does WhatsApp notify Your Friends?

Eventually, the question still remains if WhatsApp does notify other users when you take a screenshot of their status or not. The answer is No. WhatsApp doesn’t notify other users when you take a screenshot of your friends’ status.

In fact, it is not a part of the way WhatsApp does its business. Whether you download a movie, or just take a screenshot of a photo, WhatsApp remains silent and doesn’t notify others!

Although you may feel great that you can secretly have another person’s picture or video on your device without the other person’s knowledge, you may not feel the same way when you find some of the personal images you uploaded on a random person’s device or gallery.

So, how do you ensure that random people whose numbers are on your devices do not get to have access to the files you uploaded on WhatsApp status?

There is a solution that works for everyone and we are going to reveal it right here.

The solution is that you have to protect your own privacy by making judicious use of WhatsApp Status Privacy.

All About WhatsApp Status Privacy

If you intend to see WhatsApp Status Privacy options, you will have to open the app itself, of course. Head over to your status. Then, tap on the three dots located at the top right corner on the Status tab. Select status privacy. Then, you will see these options

  • My contacts
  • My contacts except …
  • Only share with …

Ordinarily, the first option is the default option. This implies that if any of your contact saves your mobile number, they will be able to view your status.

The second option may be the best as it allows you to reveal your status to certain people while some are disallowed the privilege. All you have to do is pick those whom you don’t want to see your status and it’s done.

The third option is somewhat similar to the second, but an invert process. It allows you to select the users who you want to see your status. This feature allows you to show just enough to your close friends, family, and relatives.

Should we add here that once you add or disallow certain users, WhatsApp doesn’t notify them of actions. So, you can do whatever you want to do on the platform without worrying about notifications.

How about Profile Pictures?

You can also choose those who view your profile pictures. Head over to your settings and click on account then privacy. You can choose who sees your profile picture from there.

whatsapp status privacy
  • Everyone
  • Contacts, to
  • Nobody

Final words

We have shown you how to protect your personal media and ensure that people who really matter to you are the ones who can view your profile and WhatsApp status.

Now, head over to WhatsApp and use the tricks you have read here.

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