US Grants Huawei Another 90 Days License Extension to Trade with America

Huawei trial for fraud

Reports from Reuters says the US Commerce Department is set to grant a “temporary general license” of 90-days to Huawei which will allow the Chinese tech giant to trade with American companies.

After the ban by Trump, the US Commerce Department initially allowed Huawei to trade with American companies back in May in order to minimize disruptions for its customers who had operations in rural America.

The temporary general license extends Huawei agreement which was set to expire August 19. This allows Huawei to use Google services for its devices and maintain its telecommunications networks. It is not clear yet when the company would debut its newly launched HarmonyOS on its smartphones.

The source who made known the extension further revealed President Trump and China’s Xi Jinping are expected to talk about the subject in a call this weekend. The US Commerce Department declined making a confirmation to CNBC television last Friday as to when the extension will take effect, with a representative saying, “On Monday, I’ll be happy to update you.”


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