Uber Launches Feature that Allows Users Set a Person, Not an Address as Destination


In the words of Uber’s product manager, Yuhki Yamashita, “People aren’t just going from point A to point B, they are trying to get to each other. Uber recognises this fact and launches the feature, Uber to person“. With this new feature, instead of Uber app users to type in an address as their destination in the Where to? box, they simply input the contact name of the person they are going to meet.

This means the app users would be able to synchronize their contacts with it.

How Uber to person works

When a user inputs her contact as her destination, the contact—the person the user is going to meet—will receive a request to provide his current location.  And when he does provide his location, Uber will calculate the distance between the user and contact.


This distance is then turned into a static location and the contact is expected not to leave the destination. Location sharing sends a one time permission link to the contact and the link expires after 30 minutes. And contacts, even without installing the app on their phones, can still share their location.

Once the destination is set, the estimated time of arrival is sent to the rider and the journey can begin.

The popular online transportation company believes this new feature would help users solve the back and forth problem of asking Where are you? Where’s that again? which usually occurs when people are trying to locate each other.

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