Twitter is Testing an Edge-to-Edge Timeline for Media on iOS

twitter edge-to-edge timeline

Twitter on Tuesday announced it is testing an “edge-to-edge” timeline on iOS that will let photos, GIFs and videos have “more room to shine”. The new timeline will be borderless, spanning the entire width of the smartphone screen and users will not have to tap on the media to get that immersive experience.

The test is being carried out among a select group of users on iOS, but Twitter did not say when the feature will officially roll out or if it will come to Android. Twitter says it is testing the feature “because it wants to better support conversations that are both visual and text-based” in an email to The Verge.

As the competition becomes fierce more than ever to get the attention of audiences on social networks, the change will see Twitter have an Instagram outlook. Twitter is hoping the feature will compel users to post more media content whilst also tweeting more at the same time.

In May, Twitter stopped cropping image previews on the timeline but this new test will make posting on media more engaging.

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