Twitter is Introducing Some Improvement Updates to the DM

twitter dm update

Twitter announced on Thursday it is bringing some new tweaks to its direct messaging system. The updates will be rolling out in the coming weeks to Android, iOS and the web and they will add better navigation to DM conversations and other improvements.

One of the improvements is the ability to share the same tweet in up to twenty DM conversations separately to avoid accidental group chats. Twitter is also adding a quick-scroll button to the DM so users can jump to the latest messages.

Apart from the usual double-tap to react to messages in the DM, Twitter is introducing a long press. After making a long press, the user can tap on “Add reaction” which will bring out the reaction picker from the menu. Finally, messages on the DM can now be easily filtered by dates. Both features are rolling out on iOS.

The company recently introduced a change in design which included a new font on iOS and Android. Let’s hope the DM improvements won’t generate mixed reactions like the major redesign.

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