Trackpad Support Coming to Office for iPad Later This Fall

iPad Pro 2020 - iPadOS 13.4

When Apple rolled out trackpad support for its iPadOS earlier in March, it was seen as a game-changer. Many felt the iPad which is the best tablet in the market has finally gotten what it takes to be used as a proper computer. With the support for trackpad, it was expected developers take advantage of the feature and start incorporating into their applications.

Microsoft has been improving its application on the iOS and there is now a new app that contains all the key Office apps such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The Office application on the iPadOS now supports split view. According to TheVerge, Microsoft is working on adding cursor supports for Office on the iPad later this year. TechCrunch also reported the feature is “expected to ship in Office for iPad this fall.”

Apple’s Magic Keyboard was the final piece of puzzle in elevating the iPad Pro to the next level. The keyboard came with flexibility and functionality which brings the iPad Pro closer to how a laptop computer works.

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