X-Pen Top Features On The Infinix Note 4 Pro: Is It Worth N4,500

Infinix X-pen

The X-Pen is simply what Infinix chose to call the stylus that ships with the Infinix Note 4 Pro. Here are a few things that the X-Pen can do with the Infinix Note 4 Pro.

When you take a look at the back of the X-Pen pack, you’d see some features and of we’re going to be looking at each one and more in this video.

Infinix X Pen

X-Pen Overview

Before we get down to it, there are a few things worth noting. Your X-pen and Smart Cover come as a package deal because they work hand in hand for the safekeeping and charging of the X-pen. The price should be around 4,500 naira which translates to $12. It’s also worth mentioning that I found myself holding on to the holder on the left while using the X-Pen for easy handling of the phone without touching the screen.


Screen-off Memo-taking

The first feature we’d be looking at is the screen-off memo-taking without unlocking your device. Just pull out the X-Pen and you’re good to go from the lock screen. It’s a seamless way to take notes if you’re on the go. I think it’s something I would need for when I’m out and about, a remedy to those annoying moments where I take 3 steps just to input new notes real quick.

screen memo on Infinix

Quick Shortcuts

We’d be looking at the quick shortcuts for calling out the Air command interface and memo. For the air command interface, simply take your X-pen close to the display and tap the X-pen button once to activate it. You can also add shortcuts of 2 favourite apps to your air command and minimize it into a floating icon. To quickly call out the memo. You take the x-pen close to your display, double-tap that button and voila. The memo pops up, you can maximize, edit and minimize it into a floating icon.

X-Pen features


Another feature and probably the most defining one would be the X-NOTE. If you’re good with a real pen or brush for Note sketching, painting a portrait or designing a blueprint, the X-Note would be your most valuable feature of the bunch. You double-tap the icons below to toggle between different brushes, density settings, eraser settings and a really wide selection in the colour palette. You can also press and hold that X-Pen button to erase the note, then release the button to return to the brush. As you can already tell, I’m not the most talented artist. You can also check your saved notes and memo here as well.

Smart Select

A much needed rich X-Pen feature is the smart select which simply selects part of the image on your screen and allows you to edit. The first 3 options above are useful for sharing images from websites and apps to colleagues or friends without sharing the entire screenshot.



The scrollshot feature allows you to screenshot the entire row of the page you’re viewing. For instance, i wish to share these cool office shoes I found on Jiji app to recommend it to a friend. I’d simply open Jiji, search item, pull out air command tap smart select, tap scrollshot, scroll and tap to share.

scrollshot X-pen

Screen Write

The screen write function simply takes a screenshot and gives you the option of adding notes on the screenshot.


That’s all for this review guys. Let me know what you think about the X-Pen’s features and do check out my review video on YouTube.

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  1. I bought my note 4 pro from a slot and I haven’t been enjoying it. the screen always go blank anything I try to scroll on pictures or sometimes,pages or even when I’m making a video call which is so annoying, it will just go blank and shut me out. And when I’m viewing a page and I want to go back to that same page, it will take me back to home. I don’t know what to do. Is it that I bought a fake phone from SLOT, because it’s not up to 3 weeks and I have been complaining but they kept dribbling me. Please what can I do?

  2. Good phone I must say. But how do I scroll back one step at a time without going to the home screen since pressing the homekey (which also serve as fingerprints reader) takes you to the home screen. This is my major challenge. Please help.

  3. Good phone I must say. But how do I scroll back one step at a time without going to the home screen since pressing the homekey (which also serve as fingerprints reader) takes you to the home screen. This is my major challenge. Please help.

  4. Where and how do I get another xpen and cover for my note4 pro, as mine was stolen? Plus I have searched many places I will appreciate your assistance, thanks

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