Infinix Note 4 Pro X571 Unboxing and Quick Look at The X-PEN

Infinix Note 4 Pro X571 Unboxing

I finally got to unbox the Infinix Note 4 Pro that a lot of people have been requesting for.  The Infinix Note 4 pro costs N70,500 which translates to around $190 and it does ship with the X-Pen in the box.

Infinix note 4 pro X571 unboxing
Infinix note 4 pro X571 unboxing

Now let’s get right into it, the Note 4 pro come in a rather big black box that houses the X-pen and the smart cover and the actual phone. Let’s take a look at some of the key features while i scroll the rest. It comes with X charge 4.0, 5.7”FHD sharp display, 3 Gigabytes of RAM and 32 Gigabytes of storage, 13MP + 8MP Camera, Fingerprint sensor, Gyroscope, 4,500mAh, 1.3Ghz Octa-core processors, XOS and the X-Pen. This unit comes in Champagne Gold but it also comes in Sandstone Black, Prussian Blue, Lilac Gray.

When you open up the box, you’re greeted with 2 smaller boxes, the smart cover +X-pen…… and the phone box. I can see a sticker for 1 free upgrade to latest android version 1 time. Let’s open that up real quick. This is the Infinix Note 4 Pro, let’s go ahead and peel off the plastic here…..and here…..and here. What else do we have in the pack?

You have a sim ejector tool, a screen protector and some booklets as well. We have a huge charger, it’s a fast charger, no surprise there. We also have a separate box of the earphones and the micro usb cable.
Let’s see what we have in the second box……another leaflet, the smart cover  made with a really nice fabric finish.
Infinix note 4 pro X571 unboxing
You also have the X-pen comprising of the charge connector, a button and pen tip.  The case also comes with a slot which fits the X-pen nicely. It also gives the Note 4 Pro a wider form factor.

On the font of the device you have the 5.7” FHD display with a physical home button that doubles up as the fingerprint reader, 2 Non-backlit capacitive buttons, a notification LED, an 8MP Camera with flash and front facing speakers.

On the left, you  have a dual sim slot and the charging pins for the X-pen.

On the Right, you have the power button, volume rocker and the memory card slot.

On the bottom, you have the microphone, a micro USB slot and speakers.


On the top you have a 3.5MM headphone jack.

At the back you have the 13MP camera with dual flash. You also have the Infinix brand and antenna bands.

Let’s have a close up look at how sleek and premium the Note 4 Pro is especially when paired side by side with the Note 4.

We know the only other difference between the Infinix Note 4 and the Pro variant asides from the X-pen functionality is the 4300mAh on the Note 4 whereas the Note 4 Pro has a 4500mAh battery.


Do check out my Infinix Note 4 Pro X571 Unboxing video.


The Note 4 Pro is an inch away from Infinix flagship on the outside while maintaining mid-range specs on the inside. The look and feel of the device would leave you feeling twice as good as you would the Note 4 for less than twice the price.

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  1. pls how do i insert sim cards and how’s the sim ejector tool used? this is my first infinix phone i’m a little clueless

  2. hi, thanks for the video. In the big pack that has all the phone components, there are 2 box like space, I want to know if it is containing anything. Thank you.

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