Sony Removes The Last of Us 2 from PlayStation Store and Will Refund Pre-orders

the last of us part ii release date

After the latest announcement to delay the release of the game indefinitely, Sony has now pulled the plug on The Last of Us 2 from the PlayStation Store and will automatically refund those who have pre-ordered digitally.

Iron Man VR has also been removed from the PlayStation Store after it was initially scheduled to be released May 15. The Last of Us 2 was due a May 29 release date but Sony has indefinitely postponed the launch of both games due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any attempt to search for both games will no longer bring out any result on the PlayStation Store. The official PlayStation website however still has information regarding the game and its different editions.

In an announcement last week, Sony said, “SIE has made the difficult decision to delay the launch of The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR until further notice. Logistically, the global crisis is preventing us from providing the launch experience our players deserve.” Regarding the refund after pulling off the games from its Store, a note from the official PlayStation support website reads, “The Last of Us Part II and Iron Man VR have been delayed. All digital pre-order consumers will automatically receive a refund. Please check your email for more details.”

Naughty Dog’s Creative Director Neil Druckmann recently talked about the postponement on the official PlayStation Blogcast where he said the game could yet be released Digitally only with “things changing day to day”.

“Right now we’re looking at all sorts of different options: what’s the best way to get it to all of our fans as soon as possible?. But that’s gonna take time for us to shift and figure things out, and also see where the world’s at.” Druckmann said.

There has been no update yet on refund for those who made physical pre-orders from stores.

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